Two Wings Of A Bird


Rise up, O Dear! rise up on this early spring morning
Get out of the dusty attic of mind, we need no silk so fine
Come fly on with me, breathe scent of the ocean and morning breeze
Live in harmony with nature, with bees, the timid fireflies
They smile at you. You smile at them, we are birds
We are two wings of a bird

We came together a thousand valleys afar
Journeyed the rough seas, walking till dawn on moonless nights
Amidst thunder, clouds, squeezing water from clay
Far, and far, we fly soaring high, we are birds
Feeble body, aching wings, veins dried
Preened with pearls and liquid gold
We are two wings of a bird

O Dear! tremble not for tomorrows rain
 We have a charming nest and straw to sleep
 And enough grain for winter freeze
Hoard not tight seed in greed, we are birds
Share more wheat with friends and foe
We are two wings of a bird

Let us stop a while by the tavern light
Breathe pure nature, chant a song and dance
Fret not for tomorrow, we are birds
Celebrate the moment with Midori wine
Calm O Dear! and the storm will pass
We are two wings of a bird