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Mexican Lamb Stew

Mexican Lamb Stew (A one pot slow-cooked Mexican inspired flavorful lamb or beef stew cooked in rich spices) Ingredients: Fatty Lamb or lean beef like chuck shoulder with bone-in, cut to small cubes (soaked in salt and white vinegar for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly) 1            Red Onion medium size, coarsely chopped 2 tbsp    Tomato paste 4 tbsp    Olive Oil              Salt to taste For Spice Blend: 1/2 tsp   Mexican All spice whole 1 tsp.     Achiote seeds 1 tsp      Cumin Seeds 1 tsp      Whole Mace or 3-4 small pieces Pan roast spices and using a dry blender make a smooth powder For Chili Puree: 2-4         Dried Ancho & Serrano chilies, soaked in water. Adjust to taste 4-6         Cloves Garlic chopped 1/2         Lime, juiced 2 tbsp    Vinegar Using a wet blender make a smooth puree For Aroma: 2 tsp      Fresh Thyme, finely chopped 1/2 cup  Fresh Cilantro, finely chopped 4-6 d     Avocado or Bay leaves Instruct

Book Release: "The Taste of Words" Authored by Prof. Raza Mir

Book Release THE TASTE OF WORDS An Introduction to Urdu Poetry By Prof. Raza Mir With a Foreword by Gulzar “ Yeh Kaisa Ishq hai Urdu Zuban Ka Maza ghulta hai lafzon ka zaban per”         “Urdu is a nation by itself. Where ever it travels, it creates its own world. Wherever Urdu goes, it clasps people in a bear hug. It becomes a tradition unto itself. For Urdu is, after all lingua franca of culture”, describes world renowned writer Gulzar who wrote the foreword of the latest book from Professor Raza Mir “The Taste of Words”.

Book Release "Ghalib: A Thousand Desires" By Prof Raza Mir

Book Release GHALIB: A THOUSAND DESIRES Amazon Link:   Mirza Ghalib is perhaps the most widely chronicled Urdu poet in English. But few can pithily capture the essence of his life and work as enjoyably as Raza Mir can. In this lively, witty and illuminating account, Ghalib emerges from these pages as a man of his time but also one who looms large over history. Raza infuses his research with just the right amount of anecdote and trivia, evoking Ghalib as an outspoken genius, a game-changer who never shied away from aiming a witty barb (or three) at his rivals. Moreover, Ghalib also lived in a crucial age that saw the end of Mughal rule and the destruction of his beloved Delhi. Ghalib: A Thousand Desires  also comprises a selection of the great poet's most enduring poems and ghazals, accompanied by Raza's insightful commentary that decodes underlying themes and meanings in these verses.