Mingle Ego In The Ashes

Part 1
Awake, O Dear! live in the moment of the day
Rise up, rise up to the bright sky of sapphire
With naked feet on sandy beach we walk
Where seagulls look far, far and soar on wings
Sand-loving critter crabs come rolling from the sea
And sea turtles come to lay eggs on the shore
Distinct from each other, and still leisure together
They are all connected, we are connected-

Feed your grain to the grazing sea birds
Share a loaf of bread with strangers and water for pilgrims
Man doth not live for bread alone
Love is wise, hatred is foolish, the tongue bringeth disgrace
Sin is he who barters good for evil

O Soul! to home we depart at sun down
Mingle ego in the ashes of night fire

Part 2
O Universal Man! rise up to love and freedom from ego
 A new day awaits on self-journeying path to happiness
Pure fragrance breathes your tamed new shell
Early we return to beach-birds waiting for grain
Smoke from wood fire of last night still pouring in the air
Embers dying in the charred wood
Burn the stubborn ego before it burns you
And immerse the ashes in water

O calm sand dunes, turtles come to take refuge and lay eggs
 And I to connect with myself, to my spiritual self
Nature’s work of art in red and golden sand like jewels glow
Gaze the unconscious waves sail away the wounds ashore
 Miles of silence, years of solace, and pure Godliness
Vapor the smoky weed of life
Draw life plans on blank paper