Mix Masters: Coolest Watermelon Pitcher for the Hottest Day

Coolest Watermelon Cocktail for the Hottest Day

4 Cups         Watermelon, chopped seedless to make 4 cups juice, chilled
                    2                  Lime, juiced  (adjust to taste)
4 tbsp          Rooh Afza Syrup
2 tbsp          Lingonberry Juice  (optional)
                    Crushed Ice
Garnish       Sprigs of Mint and Lime wedges

  • Throw watermelon in a large blender to make a smooth juice
  • Pour the juice through mesh strainer in to a large pitcher
  • Combine lime juice, Rooh Afza and Lingonberry  juice
  • Stir well and add crushed ice - allow it to cool
  • Stir and pour the juice in glasses
  • Garnish with sprigs of mint and lime wedges
Tipsy Revellers: Add a cup of Tequila
                     Rooh Afza:
 Translated as "refresher of the soul" Rooh Afza is a concentrated syrup widely consumed in South East Asia. It combines several ingredients popularly believed to be cooling agents, such as rose, for the hot summer. The syrup is mixed to flavor sherbets, cold milk drinks, and cold desserts recipes. Rooh Afza is easily available in most South Asian grocery stores.

                    Posted By: Quddus Mohammed 


Anonymous said…
Great refreshing taste!!!