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Faith - Written by Aleya Jung

Faith Written By:  Aleya Jung  (Read about Aleya on contributor section) Paresh Bhai looks at me quizzically; I have close-cropped hair, earrings, a tattoo of a dragon on my forearm, dark brown complexion, minimal accent and I am reasonably well built. I correctly assume he cannot place me.  “You from India” he inquires while nodding his head from side to side, I nod in an affirmative. “From Where, Dilli”?  “Bombay” “What cashte” he shoots through gutka infested teeth “No Caste” I reply “Meanz” again quizzically, in utter disbelief, stupefied! “Well I have a Muslim Background,” I say resignedly Paresh Bhai’s fears are allayed. “It is ok to be Mohammedan” he signs off. Among Indians, it is unheard of not having as they say “cashte” I know what they mean, they mean to ask what religion, but are used to saying caste due to its existence that goes back many centuries. I believe my Father had a big row with the authorities at the time of my school admission- he was not allowed to leave the

Mix Masters: Coolest Watermelon Pitcher for the Hottest Day

REFRESHER OF THE SOUL Coolest Watermelon Cocktail for the Hottest Day Ingredients:   4 Cups          Watermelon, chopped s eedless to make 4 cups juice, chilled                          2                    Lime, juiced  (adjust to taste) 4 tbsp           Rooh Afza Syrup 2 tbsp          Lingonberry Juice  (optional)                         Crushed  Ice Garnish         Sprigs of Mint and Lime wedges Instructions: Throw watermelon in a large blender to make a smooth juice Pour the juice through mesh strainer in to a large pitcher Combine lime juice, Rooh Afza and Lingonberry  juice Stir well and add crushed ice - allow it to cool Stir and pour the juice in glasses Garnish with sprigs of mint and lime wedges Tipsy Revellers: Add a cup of Tequila                            Rooh Afza:  T ranslated as "refresher of the soul" Rooh Afza is a concentrated syrup widely consumed in South East Asia. It combines several ingredients popularly believed to be cooling agents, such as rose, fo

Finding Me In The Midst Of All

FINDING   Me :  IN THE MIDST OF ALL In my zone of silence I enter the inner door of my heart Locked inside the smoky corridors of my mind Bewildered mind wanders far above the dizzying cloud All is dark; the sea never sleeps The rising temperatures strips the arctic fortress deep Drenches the forehead and feet in sweat The fish are stuck between the algae covered mesh As the winds grow loud, body stiffened in flesh Grain of weed entering the veins like poisoned wine Lightning rises in the palms as I unchain the shackles of my mind Inside, there is something smaller that wants to burst out

The Classic Chimichurri Steak of the Andes

The Classic Chimichurri Steak of the Andes (Argentina: Music, Tango and the Stunning Charcoal Grilled Chimichurri Steaks)   Things you need 2 lbs.                  Skirt Steak, rinsed in cold water & pat dry   For the chimichurri marinade 1 cup                    Cilantro  1 cup                   Parsley 1/4 cup               Fresh Oregano 4-6                       Garlic Cloves 2                           JalapeƱo Peppers (adjust for heat) 1                           Red Onion 1/2 tsp.               Red Chili flakes 1/2 tsp.               Black Pepper 1                           Lime, juiced 3 tsp.                   Vinegar 1/2 cup               Olive Oil                              Salt to taste   garnish                  Lemon & Jalapeno tools                      Charcoal Grill (use lump coal)                              Iron Skillet   Instructions: Marinate the steaks ·        In a blender combine cilantro, parsley, oregano, ga

Urdu Poetry in Indian Film Industry

URDU POETRY IN INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY Contributor: Prof. Raza Mir WOH YAAR HAI JO KHUSHBOO KI TARAH, JIS KI ZUBAAN URDU KI TARAH   Dil na-umeed to nahin, nakaam hi to hai Lambi hai gham ki shaam, magar shaam hi to hai Defeated it may be, but the heart is not despaired Sorrow’s evening is long, but after all, it is merely evening.                       Thus begins a song from the 1994 Hindi movie 1942-A Love Story.   The lyrics of the song are credited to Javed Akhtar, but the verse itself comes from a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.   The contribution of Faiz to this film song is entirely unstated, unobtrusive and seamless.   The presence of these lines in the song is emblematic of a highly symbiotic relationship between Hindi film music and Urdu poetry.   The influence of Urdu poets on Hindi film music not only ensured that the language continued to have a performative presence in the linguistic landscape of India, but there was also a reciprocal effect.   Hindi film music transformed