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Light the Diya & Connect with The Inner Voice

                                                Light the Diya & Connect with The Inner Voice On this auspicious day of Diwali as the earthen lamps are lit and the fireworks fill the skies, give yourself a gift of looking inwards to cultivate the spiritual wealth of knowledge and truth such as compassion, forgiveness and loving-kindness .   Light the candle to melt the boundaries of the self Reconnect the self and connect the chords Wisdom of unity is in the word of Lord   The central belief of many religions and philosophies is the existence of a cosmic order or spiritual law in the universe and the need for human beings to live a balanced life in accordance with this law. The aim is to teach us to go beyond the light floating on the surface and understand the mysteries that lies within us and embrace the knowledge to awaken your being. When the inward light is lit and the spirit within is awakened, it is Diwali.   Self-realization and self-reflection have been tau