Mannequin With A Heart of Glass


Love is not one thing. It is expressed in many ways; as a finely carved sculpture, in the colors that goes in the painter’s brush strokes, colors in the scarf. The beauty of the beloved is shown as a soft light falling on the mannequin. The artist's love affair with the portrait becomes so real, so delicate that he is afraid no one would appreciate his work. Breaking of hearts is the worst feeling in the world. So, he decides to keep it to himself just like the mannequin who comes to life for him. At the end of the day all you have is the memories that live.

Part 1
I painted a contemporary portrait
A Mannequin with a heart of glass
Crazy sexy in her new hair
Scarlet bright silk scarf grazing her lily-white arms

Soft shimmering light from crystal chandelier
fall from the ceiling on her weary eyes
Flames of carnal desires in the brush-strokes
of red and orange tones
Staring at the cracks in the floorboard
She curls her knees in fear

She comes to life for her secret lover
At night, she plays Koala-hug
On the thin layer of freezing ice
With a slight smile, melancholy and fear
She speaks “live everything”
And my Love! when we part
speak not good bye to me

A Soft Goodnight!

Part 2
I framed and hanged the portrait
on an empty wall near the window
The portrait is anonymous, unsigned
and silent under dim light

The uncertain ocean-winds
come blasting through the courtyard
Heart is delicate. Ceiling is weak
Keep the window closed

The precious crystal collapsed on the mannequin
The priceless portrait of my beloved
Is broken in thousand pieces

Wall is empty again
A hole is left in the wall
And the rope staring at the floor

The energy and color of brush strokes dipped in blood
will never be destroyed or dull
I wipe the dust
Fold the portrait of mannequin
And keepsake close to my heart
Until I die