Like A Ring Of Fire


In my zone of silence
Golden rays of sun streaming through the gap in clouds
Passing over the magic carpet of orange gulmohur bloom
And shining upon the dark silhouette of my native home
Bricks and cement eroded the tall arches
Great hall streaked by the drippage from the leaky roof
And hundred years old windows
While the wind never stops howling

Nothing doth dwell here except stories to tell
A note left in the coat pocket
With names of merrily flirting butterflies
And the time to feed grain to the pigeons
The stories of childhood, youth and elixir of love
Light, colors, freedom and fun
Odors of wood smoke and frying onions
And ashes of the night fire
Where love unite our hearts
And protect the withered leaves from falling

O you, who shared a loaf of bread with me my eyes swelled
Air is blown into the burning wood
And tears roll, soul hovers in the house we once dwelled
Today’s emotion is scurf of yesterday’s tale
Like priceless pearls every moment is sealed in my heart
A waterfall of joyous shooting stars pouring down from the sky
The images of celestial celebrations stay in the seed of my heart
Blissful memories of childhood radiate from earth to skies
Like A Ring of Fire

The poem “Like A Ring of Fire” is dedicated to my family who shared my childhood and youth in my native town in India. A home full of love, compassion, fun, smell of jasmine and goldmohur bloom. Heartfelt memories of those moments fills my heart and radiate my skies, forever-