Chicken Cashew Roll

Chicken Cashew Roll 

Grilled Chicken Roll Infused with Garam Masala & Brushed with Saffron 

Things you need                                                                          

2 lbs.             Chicken, boned and thinly cut

1 pinch          Saffron, pulverized & soaked in 2 tbsp. Milk

                      Oil and Butter to glaze

For the cashew filling

1cup              Cashew, soaked in water

2 tsp.             Garam Masala

2 tsp.             Coriander, freshly grinded

½ cup            Mint

½ cup            Cilantro

4-6                Green Chilies

1 cup             Heavy Cream

 Garnish       Your favorite herbs


¨      Make thin and 6x4 inch size chicken steaks, lightly hammered without tearing

¨      Pulverize and soak saffron in warm milk

Prepare filling

¨      Using a blender combine heavy cream, cashew, green chilies, cilantro and mint

¨      Make a smooth paste and transfer to a bowl

¨      Whisk coriander powder, garam masala, salt and black pepper 

Handle one roll at a time

¨      Brush the steaks with saffron and fill with cashew paste

¨      Gently, but firmly roll the steak and tie with cooking twine

¨      Allow seasoning to absorb, an hour or more

Grill on slow indirect heat

¨      Grill on slow indirect heat on a well-oiled griddle

¨      Frequently baste olive oil & butter to keep the chicken moist

¨      Remove from the heat when golden brown and brush with the saffron liquid

¨      Bring back the chicken roll on the fire for half a minute more

¨      Transfer to a cutting board and cut to bite sized  on a tooth pick

¨      Finish with a spritz of lime juice and garnish with your favorite herb

Tools   Charcoal Grill (use lump coal), cast Iron griddle, tying Thread

Recipe by : Quddus Mohammed

Recipe on Page 30  "Home Cooking -Recipes for Multicultural Gatherings"

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