O Heart! Open The Door


I open the dusky inner door to your light
I find You! standing beyond the seas flying a paper kite
In the heavenly stars that shine over the ocean like diamond dust
In the poems of Khayyam; heavenly perfume of rose and jasmine’s lust
In the forgotten pages of Persian scholars
Whose bazaars birthed the knowledge of celestial lights
In the water clock at Isfahan witnessing Saturn’s revolution around the Sun
I find Your wisdom in the historical aphorisms of the East
In the flame rising from the belly of the frozen sea that fuels the light
In the fracking of the earth that feeds a wealthy trade to heat
In the fisherman’s catch, and in terrified hearts of oysters in the shell
Your wisdom in the buds that blossom from frozen land
In the singing of the nightingales “O spring is we greet”
Your wisdom in the farmer’s grain from barren land
In the wrinkles of Bedouin mothers, and sweet bleed of old frozen maple
In the pesky ants that carry a load ten times of their bodies
They are all connected. We are connected

O The Creator, who bestows on all His light divine
I open the dusky inner door of my heart to Your mystical light

God, my friend, companion for truth and guidance