Fire Roasted Corn Salad

Fire Roasted Corn Salad

Earthy Flavors of Corn and Coconut with Lemony Wild Sumac Berry Spice

Things you need      

Organic vegetables

2                           Fresh Harvested Corn

1 lb.                     Organic Cherry Tomatoes

1/2                       Fennel, use bulb and discard greens and stems

 For the flavor

4 tbsp.                 Coconut Flakes

2 tbsp.                 Sumac Berry Spice powder

4 tbsp.                 Parsley, finely chopped

 Other ingredients

2 tbsp.                 Olive Oil

                             Salt and Black Pepper to taste

 Tools                    Charcoal Grill or fire roasted

                             Non-stick Grill Basket


·       Fold back the corn husk and remove all the silk

·       Scrape the kernels from corn with a sharp knife

·       Cut cherry tomatoes into half and finely chop parsley

Fire roast corn and fennel

·       Using a non-stick grill basket, roast the corn on direct fire until it is charred. Set aside

·       Lightly brush olive oil and fire-roast the fennel bulb on direct fire until it is charred

·       When fennel is cool, make thin slices

Combine all ingredients

·       In a large bowl toss the cherry tomatoes, fennel, coconut flakes, sumac berry spice, and parsley and season with the salt and freshly ground black pepper

Creative plating

·       Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle sumac powder and  parsley

·       Decorate with 2 inch grilled corn on the cob rolled in corn husks

Recipe by : Quddus Mohammed

Recipe on Page 21  "Home Cooking -Recipes for Multicultural Gatherings"

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