Light the Diya & Connect with The Inner Voice

                                      Light the Diya & Connect with The Inner Voice

On this auspicious day of Diwali as the earthen lamps are lit and the fireworks fill the skies, give yourself a gift of looking inwards to cultivate the spiritual wealth of knowledge and truth such as compassion, forgiveness and loving-kindness.


Light the candle to melt the boundaries of the self

Reconnect the self and connect the chords

Wisdom of unity is in the word of Lord


The central belief of many religions and philosophies is the existence of a cosmic order or spiritual law in the universe and the need for human beings to live a balanced life in accordance with this law. The aim is to teach us to go beyond the light floating on the surface and understand the mysteries that lies within us and embrace the knowledge to awaken your being. When the inward light is lit and the spirit within is awakened, it is Diwali.


Self-realization and self-reflection have been taught by all religions as the underlying truth is the same in all, though their principles may differ. It is seeing inside yourself to search for the mysteries that lies within in an attempt to examine ourselves, our perspectives, attributes, experiences and actions.


Get drowned in the inner quite of the heart to listen

To listen to whispers of innate wisdom of life

The wisdom that runs deep through the veins

Yes, it’s me - I am that inner voice


For self-transcendence, it is necessary to bury the echoes, the chatters of our monkey mind, to connect with the inner voice and listen to the inner quietness in order to transform ourselves into another kind of being. When you step out of the dirt of ego and darkness of ignorance, bathed in love and in humility, into the light to bloom- like the journey of graceful lotus through murky lands.


O’ Lotus of graceful charm

The Morning breeze will bring the bloom

Bloom brighter in the stillness of the full moon

The brightness of the face is purity of faith

The ritual of the flower is to bloom and fade

Finite is the life in this Gulistan


The prayers, puja and the rituals during the festivities are an expression of gratitude to the divine, while every lamp that you light is symbolic. Like the lighting of the earthen lamp one after one, transformation is a gradual process. The process of purification starts by eliminating the evils from the self and liberate ourselves from the darkness of ignorance. Leaving ego behind is the first step in a human being’s journey to transcendence. Like mist our ego shroud’s the mind. A self-reflective process of looking at yourself through the eyes of others can be a humbling and eye-opening experience. 


Quddus Mohammed

Humanitarian, Community Leader, Cookbook Author and Published Poet

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