Compassion for Spiritual Well Being



Our spiritual well-being is the transformative force that shapes our mental, emotional and physical health. Some attempt to seek spirituality inside the walls, some experience in the openness of nature, and for others spirituality is an act of establishing a deeper connection with another human being through compassion and kindness.

Compassion and kindness are the two central tenets that will elevate consciousness, bring inner tranquility and illuminate the divinity within us. It is the shimmering thread that unites and holds humanity together. It is also a core of our moral responsibility. You don’t have to do a lot, a warm- hearted sharing in a way that touches the life of someone to make a difference in his or her life is all that is required. Compassion is not about simply writing a check, though it greatly helps, it is about making a sincere effort to change the situation of someone through direct service. You actually have to feel the feeling for others in the same way or at least close to how you feel about your family. A person has to show a deeper spiritual connection with the community around him or her and to a lesser extent, with the world at large. The act of helping actually helps both, the receiver as well as the giver.


Service, especially food related service is an essential act of humanity

It is profound life transformation and the highest form of karma


There are many ways to promote universal compassion. Each one of us can find a way, in our own way to do something good, even a simple act of kindness. One such way is to promote the universal need of food, become a “Hunger Hero” to fight chronic undernourishment among certain populations. Simple acts like these will lighten our gloomiest moods and leave a trail of happiness in our hearts, delight our soul, and ultimately bring profound transformation in our societies.